Sunday, February 03, 2008

YouTube - Greek judge on hunger strike

YouTube - Greek judge on hunger strike
there is something rotten in the reign of danimarkia...but mouths are closed..the first thing they were obliged to say was that there are decent and honest judges ..we are asking them to support our struggle ..nobody answered.. instead ..the whole thing was burried...completely...where are the honest judges? the honest lawyers? the honest people? we better look our work , our prosperity..and we are not gonna save the world..let it be saved by itself..ooh! brother!
THE EMBENDING WAS must click on the title to watch it and take it further will only be doing some good! thanks anyway!


Ioanna said...
na doume an tha leitourgisi tipota ..molis pao na kano kati se shesi me afto to video, olo to computer kati pathainei..ti diaolo simvainei..den eimai kai toso anikani..

highaftos said...

στα ελληνικά βρε κοπέλα μου ..στα ελληνικά..τόβγαλε ο αυτός του μπιμπισί, δεν ακούστηκε πουθενά το όλο θέμα..το γράφουμε κι εμείς στα αγγλικά, τι να λέει? γράψτο και μία στα ελληνικά..να είσαι καλά..